Motility and ph test

Aug 29, 2017

So i got to the hospital at 7:30am this morning to start the process for my ph test.  The motility test was a little rough the technician was very patient but getting the big tube into my stomach via my nose and throat was a bit hard as my throat is always sore.   The numbing spray worked for a little bit but i sure felt everything.  As the tube goes in you are asked to sip water through a straw continuously.  

Then as the test is conducted you have to swallow some water once... if you swallow more than once the time restarts.... now that was a pain in the ass as i always swallow due to my saliva tries to push down the acid that backs up.... he seemed a little annoyed but i couldn't help it.  

Once that was done the tube was pulled out my nose.... that burn oh my ..... what an unusual sensation. 

Then the 24hr ph tube was inserted in the same nostril. To test that the monitor is working you drink a solution that tastes like vinegar.... can we say instant reflux in q syringe ugh.

Well now its in and everytime you swallow it feels like the tube is being pulled on... oh and the runny nose it causes makes you sniffle every few minutes..

Oh well 20 hrs to go...

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