Mar 16, 2012

 OK I was trying to be positive, I had been loosing pretty steady but I'm officially stalled at 190, the scale has not moved for me, (it has actually went up and down I'm losing I guess, but its the same .5lb ) and I have not changed anything!!!! its like someone turned my switch off when I reached 6 months... I'm eating 800 cal with 70gm protein, and drinking all my fluids and go to curves 3 times a week, But I'm not loosing, guess I really didn't mean it when I said Id be happy if I never lost another lb. I'm  trying not to get too excited, I was loosing for a while pretty fast and it sometimes scared me, I was thinking maybe I wouldn't be able to stop. so maybe my body needs time to catch up (sounds good anyway). I'm putting the scales away for a while and concentrating on how I FEEL, instead of the weight loss. I'm hanging in there, still glad I took this journey!


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