Running into the Night

Feb 17, 2009

Tonight I joined my running club for a 6-miler under the star-lit skies.   Since it was a mild 32-degrees, we had a good size group dodging traffic.  We ran a nice comfortable 10:36 pace and then three of us finished up with strides to engage those fast-twitch muscles.

I'm sure anyone who saw us wondered what we were up to. . . three grown adults racing down the middle of the street at top speed.  Those endorphins were flowing  as we hit a pace of 3:51 to 4:32 at the peak of each stride.  I so love to run!

Last week, I ran 6 days out of 7 for a total of 24.5 miles and worked in 2 spin classes.  I'm excited to have clear focus in my training.  Saturday I'll pass on my passion for running to new runners who will be training for a 15K in July.


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