My 1 Month Surgiversary

Aug 30, 2009

So today is the day that marks my 1 month surgiversary.  I am down 37 lbs and up until just this morning have I figured out how to get 40 grams of protein in before I leave the house.  I realize this thing is so psychological.  It's so hard to change sometimes.  I didn't want to drink it because it was nasty or because I could smell the protein, because neither were true.  I just didn't want to because I didn't want to.  Well, if I don't there are consequences so I might as well stop making the excuses on why I can't and figure out how I can...

This is going to be a very long week but I plan on ending it very well.  My birthday is Thursday and I'm planning on hanging out with some friends on Friday to celebrate.  I have not celebrated my birthday since I turned 30 so I'm looking forward to it...if any of you are in that Atlanta area, we will be at Taboo Two on Roswell Rd.  I've never been there and may never go again but this is where I want to hang out come join me!

Lastly, I really miss yall...I haven't heard from too many of you lately.  My laptop was down and I had to get another one so I will be in here much more...this place is true therapy for me....Be encouraged today! Whatever your "it" is know "it" will pass....

Love Yall!


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