3 years down and counting

Dec 04, 2012

Hello my fellow WLSers...Its been 3 years since surgery and I must admit I have maintained my weight just fine..however, I've been an emotional wreck...I knew this was going to happen however I had no idea the magnitude...I have been up and down, side to side and I still can't quite seem to gain momentum...I have so many business ideas and things I want to do but for some reason, I can't seem to get it together enough to complete anything...this year I completed and published my first book..well now what? Oh boy do I need help...so much so, I'm going back to my first love and going to attempt to finish my degree in psychology...if you do not know how this surgery is going to affect you...please consider strong support before going under the knife...it is crucial..

Next January I am planning on starting a support group in my office twice a week..I'm working on the curriculum now, those of us who have undergone the surgery know exactly what I'm talking about as far as support...nontheless, I promise to become more active in here...I pray you all are doing well!!!


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