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Dec 10, 2012

I cannot express it can run but you cannot hide...if you do what's in you it will come need to pull, tug, or force it...I'm a living testimony...A made up mind is a beautiful mind...all praises be to the King of Kings...I bless God for the ability to wake up and come to my more tryna figure it out..when you are following your passion, it drives you to keep moving no matter what it "looks" like...when you follow your passion you possess the boldness to move forward without hesitation, fear, or realized doors were never closed when you are following your realize they were opened all the time but the passion provokes productivity...with that being said...allow your passion to overwhelm you today and take you from the place you were to the place designated for you!!!

You can do it, I know you can...If you have had your surgery and you are not yet happy with the results, do something different.  Allow something you love to do be the driving force for your matter what you want to accomplish.  If for all these years you wanted to write a book, go back to school, start a business, travel, sing, dance...whatever your passion is...allow it to provoke change in you today..there are no more excuses...if you want the surgery, get it!!! Its a tool that has taken me from the back of the bus to the driver of the it!

Now that your decision is made up regarding the surgery...what next? I'd love to hear what your passion is!!! What do you think is keeping you from pursuing it? Lets talk about it?

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