What a Rollercoaster Ride

Feb 04, 2013


I have been away for a few weeks but I think of you all the time...I feel responsible to "keep it real."  I'm so perplexed at the number of individuals who still feel the need to alter the truth as it pertains to their weight loss issues....this is not easy! Once you can conquer that, the healing begins..be real with your feelings..this is not a quick fix and you cannot afford to compare yourself to others...we all carry our weight different, therefore we will lose it different...I see a size 6 totally different than "my" 6's...for whatever reason, my 6's seem BIG...its all how you look at it..learn to have fun and enjoy this journey, if not it will consume you!!!

I've started my coaching practice and I love it..I'm also in the thick of starting a trucking company...I absolutely love it!! Do something you never have before...I must admit, the weight loss gives you a new lease on things...skinny is not where you want to be...healthy is and it doesn't start with what you look like, its starts with what you see...we all have a choice to look at things from the good, bad, or ugly side...they all are equal so that being the case choose to find the good in every situation...it takes less energy and effort...

Be blessed and encouraged to do things and see things as you have never before in life.....



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