Happy New Year and my resolutions

Jan 01, 2018

My New Years Resolutions fall into 3 categories...Let Go, Continue, and Believe:

Let Go:
Let go of the hurt and pain others have caused me.
Let go of any disappointments
Let go of the guilt
Let go of the old me and commit to never going back to how I was.


Continue to strive to be healthy
Continue to support the ones I love
Continue to strive to be the best Wife and Mother I can be
Continue the friendships that mean so much to me whether the friends are near or far.
Continue to love myself and always want the best for myself.

Believe that miracle are possible.
Believe that things happen for a reason and not blame myself for things I can not control.
Believe that I can inspire others with the changes that I will make in my life.
Believe that no matter what happens I am truly a very lucky perso with a good life filled with a great husband, a fabulous child, a wonderful family, and truly supportive friends.

Happy New Years Everyone!! 

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