Survived Day on of Pre-Op Liquid Diet

Jan 10, 2018

So yesterday was day one of the 7 day Pre-Op liquid diet for my surgery on January 16th and I survived.  I am only allowed to have 30 grams of protien a day for the next week and all other liquids have to be sugar free, low fat, and low sodium.  I am on a business trip which has made this transistion a little harder.  I figured out that I I got about 300 calories in yeste rday and my body is a little achy since I can not take any NSAIDS, but so far not too bad. What is funny is that I am traveling with 3 other people who have had WLS surgery in the past and every one has different opinion about my pre-op plan and how it differs from what they had to do.  I am getting so excited. I just have to survive 6 more days of liquids...LOL

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