so excited, so much to be thankful for

Jul 21, 2009

Well, I haven't blogged in forever.  I wanted to wait until I hit wonderful onderland before I busted out with a blog about it.  So far I'm at 200 lbs.  I wanted to be in onederland by July 27th my 28th b-day.  I still might make it.  Today I found out I can fit into a size 15 jeans.  Haven't been in this size in years.  I'm so thankful for each day that has been made even better and better.  This surgery was the life saver for me.  I've noticed that I've come out of my shell alot.  I feel more confident and happy all the time.  Everything is getting better.   I have more energy at work and I think I'm more productive.  I can even work all the overtime I want  and still have a decent amount of energy.   I was getting lazy there for awhile when I was at my heaviest.  I'm making more friends and opening up to more to people.    I plan on going out with my hubby tomorrow night.  Right now my town is filled with thousands of tourist for the big DADDY OF EM ALL frontier days rodeo.  We are going to the rodeo tomorrow then going out to celebrate with friends.  I want to have a drink or two but I have to think of something not to bad.  Maybe a shot or two of tequilla :)   I'm celebrating alot tomorrow night.  My 3 year wedding anniversary, my 28th b-day, and a few girls from work it's also their b-days.   I'm going all out and going party hard tomorrow night.  I will wear my size 15 jeans out, and some black sexy lace-up heels I bought.  I haven't worn heels in 10 years.    I hope everyone of you is doing great.   Take care everybody -Crystal