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Mar 18, 2017

I work nights. I was having a rough morning. Later that day I found I that the house we made an offer on was accepted. Ours is due to close in May. Not only that as I said in my previous post about my job situation I still don't know and looks like we won't know for a while if I'm getting laid off or not. 

The best part, last night I checked the mail. Saw something from my insurance company and thought it was a bill. I opened it and it wasn't. It was my approval for VSG! I was in awe and my mouth dropped. 


I have nutritional class #1 on Monday the 20th then on the 27th my second one. Then surgery will be scheduled. For this appointment I have to check in, they pull you back to be weighed. I have to be at goal weight, or below. I'm nervous. I'm just at goal weight now of 236 but I'm working hard to shed a couple extra because my appointment is at 5pm.... I'm worried I'll be at 237.9! 


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