7 months...where did the time go?

Apr 15, 2010

It seems just like yesterday....NOT! haha  Time has flown by, though. The first 3-4 months seemed to just crawl along, too busy learning how to live with the new insides to really think about the scale too much. Then suddenly clothes didn't fit! Now that the daily routine is sort of a grind the days are flying by!

The only thing I'm not happy with is my stomach...it's still there! Smaller than it used to be but for the first time since surgery, my measurements show increases...almost 1.5" in the waist. I forget the name of this muscle thing I have but it's from such a large belly hanging for so long. I can't suck it in, it just goes up or down but not IN! And if it is the muscle, all the crunches I've been doing could account for the increase! Someone at the PCP's office mentioned it might be some type of hernia. If so maybe the insurance will kick in some $$ towards a TT. I understand my thigh and calf measurements increasing, all the exercise helps but I'm sure the thighs are from the melting skin puddling above my knees! Lovely!  But all-in-all I'm still pleased.

Stats so far.....

Highest Wt.....353
Surgery Wt....292
Todays Wt. 7mo out....213
Total lost...140lbs
To Goal....63lbs
Total inches lost....55.25
Highest BMI....56.1%
Current BMI....33.9%


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