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My husband ani I were talking last night about support during this whole journey. He is being amazing, but he is correct there is little out the to help our families prepare for, or help them cope with the major interruption to their lives that our jou

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You can do it! Remember how much you lost in the first place. Good...

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- Only 1 portion of dense carbs per day, and then only high protein/fiber carbs. No potatoes, corn, or white wheat. Barley, Quinoa, Brown rice ok but no more than 1/4 cup cooked. - Reduce the fats. - Drink my water

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I'm just getting started down this path, but from what I have read in...

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Welcome to OH! Let us know how we can help.

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I am considering bariatric surgery and the thought of having to drink milk and protein shakes makes me want to gag already. I can't stand the taste of milk. And while once every year or two I might enjoy a chocolate malted frappe (milk shake for those

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