What a difference 4 days can make

Jan 09, 2010

Today I can say I *almost* remember what normal feels like.

I have driven my car twice in two days and have actually completed a few small errands.  I am cooking, doing some dishes, some laundry, and a few various household chores without too much effort or negative fall-out.
I was even supposed to attend a potluck/family game night with some friends tonight, but between my fatigue, though that is slowly getting better, and my daughters injured knee...game night was a no go. Maybe next time.

My incisions are healing without incident...that is an awesome thing! Even the incisions under my breasts are healing nicely and are barely staining a piece of guaze after 24 hours.  I am, however, able to report feeling the first shift of my left breast implant. What a bizarre feeling! I'll be glad to have the girls settled and stationary.

My garment is drying my skin and causing a fair amount of itchiness...that is not a good thing, but nothing a giant slather of lotion can't lessen a bit. It will be so wonderful to be able to choose to wear this compression garment rather than being required to wear it. Only 3 weeks + 2 days to go!!


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