Week 6 I ran....

May 18, 2009

Way crazy I know but yesterday I ran for the first time in god knows how long!! It probably wasn't pretty, and looked like a deformed elephant but I did it and that's all that counts! Since February I have lost 45 lbs with 26 of those lbs coming off since surgery. I don't regret my band, I am falling in love with it more and more every day. Last weekend at a cook out my niece looked at my plate and asked me "is that all your going to eat?" I looked at my plate and smiled..."yeah, aunty needs to shrink... why?" and she says "your not fat aunty your perfect"  OMG what else can I say it left me speechless.

I am leaving to Texas on Thursday morning to get my first fill!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! I'm excited but nervous, of course because I have not experienced this yet. I am looking forward to losing more weight, I have not lost anything this week so it will be a welcomed change.

I discovered these pure protein bars, you can buy them at wal-mart. They are heavenly and when you eat them you feel like you are being very naughty!! I got the chocolate peanut butter ones OMG  Most of all I was tired of drinking my protein..I would rather eat it.

Life with the band is becoming routine and thank god because in the beginning I was afraid I would fail because I did not know how to do this, but with a little time and practice I've learned and I am looking forward to the rest of my life....Thank You BAND!!

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