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So this is my Pre op diet below, I do not mean to sound ungreatful, as I know people are wishing they were on a solid pre op if they are struggling with liquids, but I am not good with moderation, so wish I could just drink shakes because then there wo

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Mine is booked for 4th July ( Can not figure out how to change the date on here!)

I just wondered if there is anyone else in JULY it would be nice to connect with people doing it near the same time as me , and seeing how we are gettin

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aww thats so nice of you , i just joined here so i was trying to figure out if your comment was on my post but i just realised it was on my wall that is so nice of you my surgery date needs to be chnged! now i am going with a different surgeon cant believe it is 2 weeks away! , do you know how to change the date on here? How are you doing have you had your surgery?

ShirlAus wrote 1 week ago
Well done on booking your surgery :)

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I am just curious , obvcourse everyones body/goals/health is different.

But I am just curious , how low in lbs you would actually go before deciding to maintain.

I find it interesting, some i have seen get to 99lbs

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My surgeon says when I have done my surgery he would like me to get to a BMI of under 30, but no lower than 25 and to maintain at that level, and that even 28 would be better.

He says if I got to 24 I would look GAUNT.

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So excited.


111kg/110kg 242lbs/244lbs

5 foot 2

I am going to be documenting how I go here if that is okay. It is very sureal because I never thought I would have weight loss surgery, I have tr

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