April 12, 2009 - Happy Easter!

Today's wt:  188.4.

Another milestone:  I am overweight!

I went back to low carb diet last Monday, and it has really paid off.  Now, I just need to get back to a regular exercise routine.  It is funny how fast you can get off track when "life" gets in the way. 

I am really happy about my weight loss.  What bothers me the most right now is that my legs would not look that bad at this size, but due to the amount of excess skin, they look horrible.  My thighs are just globs.  When I am sitting, or if I raise them in the air, they look fine.  But when I stand up, look out.  They would make you sick to look at them.  I am really nervous about wearing a swimsuit this year, but for different reasons than in the past. 

I really want to make 100 lbs lost by my bandiversary date in August.  I started out at 275.  Regardless, 86 lbs lost in 8 months ain't bad.  I see some that are losing faster than me, and those that lose slower.  I am happy with my results thus far.

Gotta love the band!


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