Apr 29, 2009

OK, so here is the deal... so now that i decided to get the surgery done i want it done yesterday that's just the kind of person I am so I'm thinking I'm gonna try to see if i can get some sort of rush and do things ASAP if I can. I have 10 days off in late June early July and i think if i can push it i would get the band done because that would give me a 4 months head start on the weight loss.  i would like RNY but i am unsure of the recovery time from the band.  i did a little research and it seems that some of the time it's an outpatient procedure and your only out of work for 3 to 5 days, if that's the real case then i am all systems go!, i know the band is completely different from RNY but at this point i don't care i just want to not grunt and groan when i move from my joints hurting i want rid of the chest pain, the high blood pressure, and having to walk sideways thru a turnstile.  well i go to the Dr in a few hours and we'll go from there!


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