NSV (non-scale victory)

Jun 16, 2011

4 weeks post-op

I am wearing jeans today I haven't worn since my son was born!

Take THAT fat cells!  Woot!

Riding the rapids three weeks post-op

Jun 09, 2011

Three weeks post-op
March 22: 270 lbs
May 20: 248 lbs
June 10: 235 lbs
(warning: the following post contains the wanton use of animated emoticons that may be offensive to some viewers

I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since my surgery! It’s gone so fast.

In the last 21 days, my weight has gone from 248 at my pre-admission to 235 as of this morning according to my oh-so-friendly Wii Board. Which is a little more than 2 pounds per day.

Obviously, I don’t expect this to continue at this rate forever, otherwise I would be a zygote by Halloween (ooh, costume idea). But it’s damn motivating right now!

My six laparascopic incision sites are healing terrifically. No pain at all to speak of past week one.

Here is what they looked like at 3 days post-op with the staples still in:

Here is what they look like 3 weeks post-op:

My diet and exercise is going well. As I am rebel with a cause, I am following these diet guidelines from Cornell University’s bariatric program, which are working well for me. Eastern Health is just getting their program up and running so I am looking forward to sharing my experiences so far with their newly-hired bariatric dietician next week.

I track my diet very carefully, which is easy thanks to technology. Basically I am consuming no more than 800 calories per day, which are mostly full liquids, with one mushy meal of about ¼ to ½ cup of something like mashed potatoes, scrambled egg, soft meatloaf or flaked fish per day.

The only exercise recommended at this stage is walking, which I usually get 30-40 minutes in per day now, broken up into two segments. This burns between 250-300 calories per day.

I am feeling very good most days. Had some
bad abdominal pain that woke me up the night-before-last - was worried, but turns out it was something quite normal , likely caused by a combination of my calcium supplements and not get enough water.

Speaking of supplements, here is my regimen since surgery:
-    chewable adult multi-vitamin (I will need to take this for the rest of my life)
-    chewable Vitamin C and D
-    Tums 2xday with food (switching to 1200 mg of Calcium Caltrate as of today)
-    B12, 1 strip taken in a sublingual dissolving strip daily
-    And I just started a prescription for a PPI to reduce stomach acid

There are times when I am quite tired, though – I was not using the CPAP machine as regularly as I should have - it's been bugging me lately (Don’t you think I look like some weird Borg-Elephant hybrid when I wear it?), but I am going to give it a good try for the next month.

Worked two 4-hour shifts with no problem on Monday and Tuesday, but had to take the last couple of days off to deal with the abdominal pain issue. Heading back in this afternoon, because I love my job and the people there.

Working in my walks while working is going to be one my biggest challenges, I think. Just going to make sure I leave early enough so I can park my car at the Fluvarium and walk into the HSC via the Long Pond trail.

I am lucky that I got my surgery at a time when it is possible to walk outside – those of you scheduled for winter months, plan carefully!

From what I have heard, Dr. Pace is now in the process of seeing 50 other people this month to schedule them for VSG surgery sometime in the next 12 months.  Surgeries will resume in July. I am so happy for those of you who are starting the journey!

We may all not be in the same boat, but we’re definitely on the same river – I’m just a little further downstream, is all, and will be waiting to cheer you on. 

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