3 weeks post -op....

Feb 18, 2011

I'm 3 weeks post-op and feeling pretty darn good!  I've lost 21 pounds in these 3 weeks and that feels amazing!  Yes, the first 24-36 hours after surgery wasn't pleasant, but after that it's been a breeze.  I've had to write everything down so I know when to take my meds (vitamins, etc.) and how much fluid I've had and when I've eaten.  It feels weird to not be hungry, but know that I need to eat something!  The pain wasn't too intense - since I've been home (I was discharged just 24 hours after recovery), I've only had to take 1 tylenol and that was the first night home.  After two weeks, I was in the pool walking and in another 10 days I can restart my exercise program with the weights.  I am so excited that I am regaining MY life back and look forward to all the things I will be able to do once another 50+ pounds are gone...not to mention when I lose 100+!  I can hardly wait!

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