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Yup, I'm going there. The gas is still a challenge for me, as I completely ignored the eating plan for the past 3.5 years. The gas situation was getting way out of hand and I finally decided to reign it in.

I've noticed a difference between tri

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I try to get in a hour or more of exercise 3 to 5 times per week mostly for mental health and basic conditioning. I'm contemplating going to the gym now but it's late and I don't actually need to workout to keep thin. Now in my fourth year post WLS (DS

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To be fair, I've been terrible with eating decisions and have lived with no restrictions on carbs, sugars, food of any kind. I had the SADi 3+ years ago and was very underweight from 10 months until recently. As a result, I graze constantly all day lon

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I saw my WLS surgeon on Friday and he reiterated what you already see posted here all the time. Carbs are the main source of weight gain for everyone on the planet. Fats, Protein, Fiber, etc are all fine but the carbs are killer.

During my chec

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At this point, I have come to believe the simple carbs zero absorption theory is not true. It may be true that less is mal absorbed but the mandates we are supposed to follow is that simple carbs are immediately absorbed in your mouth and stomach befor

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This week is 3 years post op for me, after having the SADi DS in Nov 14. I know it's a controversial topic on this site so I'll stick to facts. My original surgery was scheduled as a DS, but the surgeon moved just before the surgery and left me high an

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That's awesome! I have 4 older kids at HS thru College age. The...

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Weight loss surgery's not gonna help on this one :)!...

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I had the SADi 3 years ago but it's been extremely similar to the standard DS in my experience, so I'm guessing some people share my eating experience.

Initially my goal weight was 185, but I ended up losing far more, down to 135lbs. I was some

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The Bill Murray movie shows a guys that relives each day with no consequences for what he does. After deliberating killing himself by electrocution, jumping off a building, speeding off cliff etc, he finally gives up being a jerk and becomes a decent g

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Doctor decides to move 2 weeks before my surgery - I have been going thru an extensive 5 month process to finally get to surgery scheduled for Aug 12 (2 weeks from now). In a final pre surgery consent with Dr. Davis today, he told ...
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