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Hello and welcome! I thought you should know, I tried answering your question in the VSG forum, but there seems to a glitch in the site and it won't let me post a response. You might want to try reposting it. Just wanted to let you know, so you wouldn't think folks are ignoring your question! :)

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Hello! I'm still 3 weeks away from the pureed food stage, but I'm starting to make a shopping list in preparation for it. Everything in my booklet is pretty straightforward.

One of the allowed foods is "extra lean ground meat". So it would seem

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Hi everyone. 4 days ago I had my VSG. I'm recovering quite well and feeling pretty good. But one thing is really bothering me- hunger!

The same day after wls, in the hospital, I was lying there and suddenly became aware that my stomach was grow

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Hi everyone, had my surgery yesterday as planned...got sleeved instead of bypassed but everything went well!

Everyone at St Mike's has been wonderful- the surgeons, the nurses, the anesthesiologists, the gentleman who brings the meals, there's

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I'm here in my hotel room at the Delta Chelsea, smelling like disinfectant after my shower with the antiseptic wash as instructed. It's coming on 10pm and I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight...got the alarm set for 4am, check in at the hospit

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My surgery is next week and I'm working out my meal plan for the "full fluid" stage (10-14 days). I want to get a minimum of 100g protein a day, and I'd also like to limit my carbs as much as possible.

Is it realistic to count and limit carbs a

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Apologizes in advance for the TMI...

I'm 13 days into my pre-surgery diet (having surgery in 2 weeks). The first 4 days I was on Optifast, then switched to a real food plan, given to me by the dietician, because I seemed to have an allergic rea

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Just some random thoughts on my Optifast experience so far...
(apologies in advance for my rambling )

Blender: I read here months ago ab

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I'm on my 3rd day of Optifast and have surgery scheduled on July 9. As of today, my BMI is 59.3 (if I calculate at my current height of 5'8"...when I'm a healthy weight, I'm actually 5'9" and if I use that as my height my BMI is 57.6. Anyways, it's hig

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Hiya. It's 2am and I've finished my 2nd day of Optifast...so far, so good, except I can't sleep! So I'm shopping for protein powders online, lol...

Whey protein gives me a very sore throat. I have the same problem with cow milk (although not wi

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After hitting a snag in the assessment/approval process last summer, I was finally cleared for surgery in March. Last week I had Pre-Surgery Class, and today I met the surgeon and signed the consent forms. I was expecting a surgery date in maybe a coup

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Run up the stairs.

Run in the park with my niece and nephew.

Sit in a booth at a restuarant.

Go to Egypt and India.

Wear a skirt in the summer.

Cross my legs. Sit...

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I've finally been approved for surgery and have my pre-surgery class next week. I'm really excited and happy (and more than a little nervous) to move forward and start a new chapter in my life!

BUT...I'm also ashamed and upset with myself for h

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Hi, I just wanted to say I've been reading your posts and your...

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Hello! I'm wondering if any of you folks who have had a massive weight loss could give me your thoughts/share your experiences with respect to loose skin. Specifically, does anyone have experience with traveling around a country like India (or another

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Friday, March 3, 2017

I'm an emotional eater- I eat sweet, starchy foods to comfort myself, calm myself down, and treat myself. The last several weeks I've been working hard at changing this...

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I met someone IRL today and we were chatting, and coincidentally it turned out this person had WLS a couple of years ago. This person said they regretted having RYN- that they were still "big" after an in

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I've been lurking for a while now, and joined up last month. Guess it's time for me to start posting!

I'm in the early days of this process- had my Orientation in December, Nurse Practitioner consult last week, and am scheduled for the dieticia

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