5 years out and pregnant!

Nov 29, 2015

It's happening! The girl who never wanted kids, is pregnant! After meeting and marrying the man of my dreams ... I am so proud and honored to say I am a very healthy and happy 3 months pregnant with his child. Next to no morning sickness, mixed with a great deal of moodiness and breast tenderness. Doing well to remember my vitamins including prenatal and folic acid. And after a years break from the gym, I have renewed my vow to not only keep myself healthy and fit, but my growing baby as well. 

I admit I miss my glass of wine (or two), and it's difficult to tell myself "no" to the things I took for granted before, (rollercoasters, sushi, and lunch meat).... But only 6 more months of saying no to myself, and it's OH SO WORTH IT! 

Follow me on instagram if you'd like. I gram everything! lol username karly_queue . See you there OH fam! 

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Guess who got married!!

May 03, 2014

Hey OH Family!

I know it's been a while. But I was busy marrying the man of my dreams. 4/18 was the big day. I am proud to annouce I fit in my dress like a glove. Almost 4 years out, 130 lbs. I'm not certain what size my dress was because I got it at a consignment shop and there was no tag inside… But they had it measured at about a size 4. 

We had a tiny little ceremony and reception aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Splendor followed by an 8 day cruise just my husband and I to the Bahamas. SO PERFECT! …. Wedding album in my Photos!  


What the surgery is NOT

Jan 16, 2014

Hey OH Fam. Over the years I've had the fantastic pleasure of meeting many folk either in person or over the interwebs that have had WLS. And I've been fortunate and blessed to inspire, encourage, and council some people (in my own way) with info and tips on my own WLS success. However, in doing so I see some people making the mistake of thinking this surgery is "a golden ticket". ..... Listen to me .... It is not! It s not something to do to make your boyfriend not leave you because he thinks you're "fat". It's not something to do because your high school reunion is coming up and you want to make a good impression on your old classmates. It's not something to do because you think it'll fix everything that is wrong in your life. It's not easy. It's not quick. And most of all it's NOT temporary. It is a LIFELONG choice. After you lose the weight you still have to exercise and eat healthy, and take vitamins, and watch your sugars and carbs and fats FOREVER. It's always going to be protein first... Forever. 

This is a FOREVER surgery. So please do not make this decision for anyone else but yourself. For YOUR future. For YOUR health. For YOUR happiness. 

With that said - I'm happy to report I am 3 1/2 years out and loving my RNY. I make healthy choices but still enjoy my favorite splurges from time to time. I'm active, I'm mindful to not be too liberal with my "treats", but most important .... I'm complication free and healthy. 



cruisin' baby

Dec 10, 2013

It's official! We booked our honeymoon cruise! SWEET!!! 8 day cruise to the Bahamas. Looks like I better get my butt back on that treadmill. I've taken a "sabbatical" for lack of better words. And it's KILLING me that I've let myself get lazy. But, what better thing than a wedding on a cruise ship to kick myself right in the ass and get back on track! 

Look out April 18th 2014 - - - I'll be ready for you! 


Guilt is a bitch

Nov 08, 2013

I'm guilty y'all. Guilty of being lazy and not exercising. Guilty of not eating properly. And guilty of slacking on my vow to never slip on my vitamins. UGH!!!! 

I know today is a new day, blah blah blah. But I still have absolutely NO desire to get on the stupiddumbohhowIhateyou treadmill. What happened? How did I lose my desire? Did I ever really have one or was I pretending?  ..... No, I know I did. Right? 

Anyways. I'll get my groove back. It's just a temporary lazy spell. Promise. 

But till then..... UGH!

Guilty and shaking my fist at myself,


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Water, water, everywhere

Sep 05, 2013

Guess who has 2 thumbs and hasn't been keeping up on her water intake? THIS GAL!  Not ok Karly. Must refocus. 


3 years out and I'm ENGAGED!!

Aug 15, 2013

My 3 year anniversary has come and gone. Time just flew by!!! My-o-my! I can't believe I had RNY 3 years ago! PHEWWWW! I've lost about 140lbs with an 8lb regain since last summer. But, I'm happy with my success. I'm happy with where I am in my life, in my journey, and in my health. I'm hanging in around 133lbs and that seems to be where my body is happy. 

It takes a lot for my tool to kick in anymore. I feel like I can eat anything (I swear I can). And just when I'm getting too comfortable Pouchy kicks my ass and reminds me I'm not normal. Example you ask? Well today I was lazy after a LONG week of moving, and working over time, and little to no sleep.... I didn't want to cook. So, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. Followed by some chips and salsa. OH MY GOD!!! For the first time in a long time I got so crampy and uncomfortable. I felt horrible!!!!! Like someone had my guts and where twisting them around in their hands. OUCH! But, that's what I get for being dumb and eating crap. I went for a walk right smack in the middle of crampyville to try and "walk it off", and it helped a little. But laying down for a few minutes was just what the Dr. ordered. Oiiiiii vey. I'm glad to get reminded from time to time that I'm not normal and need to always be mindful of what I put in my mouth. 

I must say, I am the luckiest woman in the world. I'M ENGAGED to the most amazingly kind, good, giving, faithful, adoring, loving man on the planet. He's a dying breed and I'm so incredibly happy and lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with him. I am in awe of him every single day. Pssssssttttt.... He even opens my car door ... Like, Every day! awwwwwwww! *Swoon.... 

Can't stop smiling




Jun 23, 2013

Hi OH familia,

Today is a beautiful summer afternoon and I felt the desire to check in on my OH Fam. I haven't been on here much lately. I've been mostly on instagram lately. Sharing my life in photos. The good, the bad, and the food. LOL Feel free to follow me if you want. Karkar28. 

It's about 1.5 months til my 3 year "re-birthday". GEEEEZ.... 3 years already! I seriously can't believe it. I remember the day I came home from the hospital after RNY and all I wanted was to feel "normal" again. I wanted the first week to be over and done, and for me to be more like my old self again so badly! ..... Well.... Time flies! Life flies for that matter! I'm so glad I blogged about everything from the beginning so I can go back and take a stroll down memory lane from time to time. Sorta put things back in perspective.

I'm currently about 132 lbs. I've lost a few pounds since my last post. And lemme tell ya.... It's not easy! The honeymoon phase is most certainly over lol.  And "maintenance" is WORK y'all!! ..... In my last post I talked about gaining 10 lbs in a year. Writing that post really helped me reevaluate what I was eating. And I realized all over again that I was NOT being a very good WLS'er. So, that being said.... I very mindfully cut out a lot of the snacks I was eating. I swapped my afternoon pretzels with a small apple instead. I switched my occasional serving of icecream after dinner with a few spoonfuls of frozen light Cool Whip (omg so perfect). I try and not snack as much as I used to. During the work week I pack pretty much the same thing everyday: A greek yogurt and banana for breakfast. A salad with grilled chicken and black bean salsa for dressing and an apple for lunch. Then I eat dinner which varies incredibly. And I'll allow for a sweet treat weather it's a SF slurpee, a cone from McDonalds, or my favorite........ the frozen light Cool Whip. It's all about being content and still enjoying life after WLS. But not overdoing it. That's how the dreaded REGAIN happens! I've been loving the gym before work in the mornings instead of after work. Such a great trade off. Wake up an hour earlier = more time in the evening to chill, go for a hike, or to the beach, or movies. YAY! We went on a 10 mile bike ride yesterday and my butt is KILLING me! LOL Ouch!!! 

My sister got RNY almost 2 weeks ago. I'm so happy and proud of her for taking the steps to live a healthy, active, and better life for her and her kids. She's recovering great!! Was out of the hospital in 2 days. She's down about 16 lbs since her liquid diet and she's already feeling great. So happy for you Sis! 

Ok, time to go enjoy the sunshine with a cuppa cawfee!!



Up and Up

May 11, 2013

So as much as I have been trying to be good. I KEEEEEEEP gaining! WTF! Stepped on the scale yesterday and it read 136. I freaked!! Well, sorta.

My lowest weight was 125. But, I know I am currently a LOT stronger than I was last summer. I've been going to the gym about 2-3 times a week in the morning before work. I do about 30 minutes of cardio. Followed by abs, and arms. Generally if the weather is nice I'll do a hike or something active on top of that as well. 

i rarely eat out. I pack my lunch for work every single day (you can follow me on myfitnesspal.com). But, I know I eat TOO MUCH! Too much carbs I'm sure. I drink too much booze (love my dranks! ... do as I say not as I do). I definitely see the struggle people go through once they reach maintenance. it's not as easy as it once was, and today I had to go through my closet to put pants away that no longer fit me, because they're too small. That was an "ouch moment". But again, I'm healthy, active, and happy.

Anyways. I'm both angry at myself for a 10 lb gain, and I'm ok with it at the same time. I don't mind being fuller in places! Plus, I know I've been lifting more weights, and hopefully turning my fat into muscle. So ......  Cheers to my weight gain! (?)


My personal life is great. My BF and I have settled into a fun, happy, domestic, blissful relationship. We got season passes to our local Six Flags, and I'm still in AWW sometimes that I have no problem fitting in any of the rides. I endure all the walking and standing without issue. It's nice to remember where I came from.

I'll post an side by side bikini pic once I learn how to upload on this fancy new Imac. lol

Cheers OH!



Short term goals

Mar 24, 2013

Reflecting on my eating choices lately.... I've realized I eat HORRIBLY!! Yesterday y'all ...... I ate pizza for 2 meals, and had desserts for "dinner" .... Uhmm..... that isn't cool.

So, I've been trying to log all my food on My Fitness Pal (user name is karkar28 - Find me and judge what I eat, PLEASE!)... I'm so bad at it. I'll do it for a few days, then stop for months. But, in doing that I've realized how important it is! Seriously, it holds me accountable to myself. 

I've set a short term goal to go back to "eating clean". All this nasty stuff (including alcohol) I've been putting in my face has made me feel bloated, frumpy, and just plain gross. So I got my crybaby self to the store! Marinated some chicken breasts in a Pollo Asado type concoction to put on the grill to have for the week, along with a healthy salad, a big vat of homemade pork chili, greek yogurt, fresh fruit, cheese, eggs, and nuts just to name a few. 

I say over and over and over that WLS ain't easy. It gets easy, absolutely. But everyday is a struggle to maintain a healthy, balanced, yet fun and non-deprived lifestyle. Exercise and healthy eating is what our tool needs to help us learn in our honeymoon phase. I learned it, PROMISE! Sometimes I just slip and this time the almost 10 lbs I've put on since summer is a shot in the ass I needed to get me back to the healthy woman I know I can be. (Plus, bikini season is right around the corner LOL) 

So cheers to making goals, even if it's just a short term goal to eat healthy for the week and make it to the gym at least 3 times.  Because short term goals will help us with our long term journey, right?! 



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