Day 30 of Power 90, pics added!!

Feb 26, 2011

Morning OH,
We hit our 1 month mark on Power 90! I've noticed a difference in my biceps for sure! Accord to my measurements I've lost 3" off my waist and 2" off my hips in 30 days. That's pretty good! Depending on the time of day I weigh about 149-151 lbs. Which a grand total of 120 lbs lost from my heighest weight of 272! Woot!! But as you can see in my Power 90 30 day pics, I'm pretty flabby. In full disclosure, it really does get me down and I'm self concious of it. But, Hey, I'm 120 lbs lighter, and healthy! That's really all that matters!! 

We're still on the first (easy) stage of the routines. In 2 weeks we step it up to Circuit 3-4 which is a lot harder. I'm a bit nervous. But hey.... I CAN DO IT! (she says unbelievingly lol) 

My bf Mike has a been doing great with Power 90. He's lost 13 lbs and 2" off his waist!! He's totally changed his eating. He eats basically like me, just more per serving. Very high protein & low carb. Snacks on high protein things like greek yogurt, turkey pepperoni, reduced fat cheese, oatmeal, etc. I'm very proud of him! He's very encouraging to me and helps me to try and control my snacking addiction. Thanks Mike! 

We started doing the workout in the morning so we can have our evenings free. It's easier this way. Cause honestly... who wants to work out after working all day?! Not me! lol

For anyone that's interested, here is the link for Power 90. It's an older workout, made about 10 years ago. It's basically an easier version of P90X. Made by the same guy.

Till next time!



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