June 30

Jul 01, 2010

Got up early... my friend Debbie was driving from Livermore to go with me to my informational meeting at Kaiser Walnut Creek. I was up at 6 something... all excited about what was to be talked about... might as well get up... did not sleep, I was way to excited.
My sweet friend drove... omg.. she drives very cautiously... I had ants in my pants... we of course hit every red light on the way there... We walked into the room straight up at 9am... almost no place to sit... I of course... did not want to sit in the chairs in the back... I prefer to lean on something if possible... since I don't have much of a lap... ( and I said that out loud... everyone laughed). Yea.. like I want to be the class clown NOT. I do not like being late... drives me nuts!

2 hour class was awesome, but I thought this was the REAL orientation meeting... nope, not yet! Video and discussion was good.. I read the booklet I swear 3 times that afternoon.
I emailed my doc... now the ball is in her lap... and she rocks by the way.... she sent my referral in the minute she got my email!  So now I play the waiting game!
I downloaded the complete handbook we will be given in Fremont. I know I will devour it... notes, side comments... and questions to ask on post a notes... tiny ones! Well this is a start... so here we go!


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