Fall Update

Nov 09, 2012

Well, it's fall and I remember last year I was heading to goal weight.  It's crazy to think that in a month it will have been two years since surgery!  How my life has changed!  For the good, for the bad, it's still life, even when skinny.  Ok, so here's where I am -- I have actually lost weight these last few months.  I weigh now 125 lbs.  --- CRAZY to think since my goal weight was 140 lbs.  I will say that the recent loss has been due to stress and I do need to gain back those six pounds at some point.  I feel bones and it's a weird feeling.  I am a size S or a 4 -- never in a million years did I think that would happen!  I have more clothes than I know what to do with and I get to wear my dream clothes -- always imagined wearing jeans, boots, and cozy, cute sweaters and looking good!  Love dressing up and going to parties -- went to my brother in law's wedding in September and wore a fitted silver off one shoulder dress that was amazing!  I felt like a princess!  Now, there are some things to remember about this surgery.  I have found that the study they did on drinking too much in the second year is true.  I had found myself having wine every night to unwind or go to sleep.  Previous to surgery, I could not drink too much as my body had it's own stopping signal where the drink would all of sudden taste awful and I would stop.  Not now, instead I have found that I want more after a glass or two and that is not good.  So, watch the alcohol use.  I have never been prone to anything more than social drinking but I could see a habit starting to form.  On to eating,  I still eat small meals throughout the day and do protein as much as possible with fruits and veggies as tolerated.  I have been living with a lot of stress over the last three months so eating has not been my priority.  

I still take my supplements and vitamins.  Trying to keep healthy is important.  The home life has gone through drastic upheaval and I am now a single mom of three kiddo's.  The hubby has gone through so much himself and has had a breakdown of sorts.  Didn't even realize to what extent until recently.  I still love him a lot but have come to the conclusion that I cannot be responsible for him.  It's been hard but a long time coming.  So, just losing weight and looking good doesn't stop life from happening.  Therapy is essential in this process -- coping with life isn't about mac n cheese anymore and neither is about wine.  It's about learning healthy ways to keep the stress at bay.  I have found in the last few weeks walking to the park with my little one and the dog helps me.  Projects around the house helps me.  Writing in my new journal helps too.  And always, God and faith give me hope.  That's my update for now.  Keep losing out there and God Bless YOU!


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