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Today, I fainted in my kitchen and cracked my head super hard. I had to go to the hospital to get stitched up. I have three stitches above my eyebrow ad a collection of steristrips. Now that it is the middle of the night, a Friday on a holiday weekend,

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Today. I am 11 and 1/2 weeks post op and I am now officially overweight! 185 at 5’6”. I can’t believe it. My doctor said my 12 month goal weight was 165. When he said that, I laughed thinking that would be impossible, but nice to aim for. Now, I

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Today, I tossed out the last of my "plus size" clothes. Everything I wear is "straight" sized now, mostly XLs and a few Larges. Woot woot, go me.

On the other hand, gained a few pounds with the transition to regular food. Seems like every time

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I have moved up to soft foods! Hooray! But it takes almost an hour to eat my 2-3oz. of protein. How do y’all keep your food warm all that time? I started with a nice piping hot cabbage roll and by the end it was an ice cold meat lump of sadness :(

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Today, I crossed my legs at the knees. I can’t remember the last time I did that. Then, later I tied a sweater AROUND MY WAIST! Whoa!!! Go me!

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I started in full liquids yesterday and it's been awful. My premier protein shakes are making me dizzy and I just soent two hours in bed cramping from my 4 oz. of cream soup. Am I doing something wrong?? I am not lactose intolerant and I am sip, sip, s

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I am now 7 days post-op. I am doing great with the pain, getting all my fluids every day and walking. But I have not lost a single pound! I was up 3 pounds at my post-op appintment. Ugg. When will the weight loss start?

I did lose 14

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My surgery is on Monday and then Saturday, unless I am physically unable to move, I am going to a football game, because... football! Anyway, at last week's game it was 95 degrees and I drank 4 liters of water in about 3 hours and was still feeling the

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Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! Here are some links to information you may find helpful: We can't wait to hear from you post-op!

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My bypass was scheduled for the day after hurricane Harvey. I was annoyed beforehand, but now I am grateful I hadn't had just before. Our house took on a foot of water and while the kids were rescued by boat, my husband and I had to walk over a mile in

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Congratulations on your surgery. We look forward to your updates!

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ky gastric bypass is scheduled for Monday, but now with Hurricane Harvey the hospital does't know if they are having surgeries on Monday or not! I won't know until Sunday. I was all zen and ready and now the uncertainy is killing me! Help!!!

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My surgery is in 40 days and I am starting to panic. I am not allowed to gain ANY weight before hand and I am stressing terribly. I am hardly sleeping at all. Not mention all the "What am I doing?" keeping me up at night.

Also, I am worried tha

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Thank you for registering at It's time to begin or continue your weight loss journey. You can get started by customizing your personal profile, set some new goals, begin tracking your weight loss, and post on the message boards. If you need some assistance getting started, that is what I am here for. We hope you enjoy your experience here at
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