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I have a loving ton of meal replacement shakes and such that I could not stomach after surgery. I suggested to my doctor's office to have an area where unopened items can be donated for others to take. They declined stating that they need to monitor

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Anyone else feel like a bird when they vomit? It only happened once, but man....weird.

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You have to build up to it. I had mine on 12/8 but didn't get...

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45 y/o female 5'8 VSG 12/8 Pre-op 263 SW 250.6 CW 244

6 Months with dietician and psychologist led me to my surgery date. Pre-op was uneventful. Doc came out after my 1.5 hour surgery spread to over 2 hours. Trocar accidentally poked a vesse

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Surgery tomorrow. I've been preparing since May. No nerves, no stress. I plan to finish at work today and then head to a program at church with my BFF. Then home to finish laundry and make a list of the little things I need done while I'm in the ho

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FINALLY got insurance approval and a surgery date of 12/8/2017.  Booked flights for my mom to fly in to help for the first week.  Pre-op appointment is next week and then I begin my 2 week pre-op d...

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I've started researching the supplement companies.  I ordered a sample pack from Celebrate so I could determine what I like and don't like.  I'd be pissed if I spent $$ on some multi-vitamin only t...

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