Whats up with my mind???

Mar 29, 2009

I had surgery on 3/23/09 and came through it fine.. I came home on 3/25/09 and that went well didnt have any problems at all kinda freaked me out when the drain tube decided on its own to come out by itself...  but I called  my great friend Judy and asked her if I was dying.. lol she settled my nerves by saying that was good that it came out it meant I was healing..

Everyone I have met prior to and after my surgery has told me that Journaling would be helpful.. I had in my mind what I would right but never got around to it.. my first entry was my first weigh in.. I have lost ten lbs!!  WOO HOO.. in 4 days!!! I made a list of the things that I wouldnt miss..  This morning my Journal was a true lifesaver.. I had breakfast of dark chocolate jello and a mocho protein shake and of course I couldnt finish either.. :)...  I was full but still couldnt get past the fact that I will never be able to eat like I once did.. Not that I ever want to be  a glutton ever again but just the fact I wont be able to eat the things that I love.. I know that one day I will be able to eat "real" food again but it seems like a lifetime away.. I am going to work through this, I refuse to let this beat me I have come to far to fail.. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!!


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