What is wrong with me???

Apr 13, 2009

Its been 20 days today and I am so discouraged... I was losing a good amount and now its just stopped... I am not over eating... I am not under eating that I know of.. I am getting in my protein, I am working on my fluids.. I dont feel like I am dehydrated.. I know that I have probably plateaued but I didnt think it would happen sooo fast after having surgery. everyone I have talked to has told me that its ok and not to worry but I have this thought in the back of my mind telling me that you have done it now.. you have had this surgery and you will never be "normal" again and here the one thing you thought would help you to lose weight doesnt even work.. how crazy is that??? I have started walking and was able to do a 1/4 mile today at work on the treadmill.. woo hoo I have a gazelle and will begin to use that also.. maybe if I step it up and move more that will help??  WISH ME LUCK!!!  I know that its gonna be ok.. more later...


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