Been Awhile

Apr 14, 2008

Hi everyone, it has been awhile. So far I have lost about 45lbs and went from size 26 to 20. I am pretty happy with my rny! Never would I have been able to do this without it. Still having trouble every once in awhile with some foods, mostly meat items. My sister said she was just starting solids at 10 weeks, she thinks I am doing pretty good. Sometimes I think I eat too fast or don't chew well enough. I will have to get some more current pictures taken, Time goes by so fast and I forget to document. I am sleeping better and not feeling nearly as tired during the day, it's great! Imagine after 40 more pounds! Been getting protein and h2o in most days, still not real hungry. I'm told to enjoy this time because it won't last forever. Hopefully by the time the honeymoon phase is over I will be at goal. Maintaining is always a challenge, never been able to do it before. Hoping I will have formed better eating habits by then. It is so nice to look forward to the future now knowing someday I will be a more normal size. It was just a hopeless dream before. Summer will be here soon, can't wait for warm weather, I love to swim. I think I may need a new swimsuit. Best to all of you here at OH, I love all the info here and the great people I have met.

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