Day 3: Finally, Clear Liquids Day!!

Jul 15, 2017

It is 4:22 P.M in the afternoon as I write this. Day 3 is like a breath of fresh air! In the morning Dr. Edgar Campos, the Bariatric Nutritionist, stopped by to visit. He had come in, before leaving home, in the evening of Day 2 to check my IV and make sure all was well. Early morning he stopped by, again, to check both my IV and stomach drain. Uneventful, which is exactly how it should be! :) 

As soon as he left, the shift nurses came to introduce themselves. Miguel, the English speaking nurse, came to administer the anti-acid medication through the IV, when I suddenly felt a burn. I told him of the sensation and he checked my hand only to realize that my IV had moved out of my skin. So, he took off the IV completely and gave me the anti-acid in powder form, for me to take. I was, also, told that I needed to consume more liquids throughout the day in order to stay hydrated. 

Upon finishing the anti-acid treatment, Miguel brought me a small glass of apple juice with a blue coloring. I took small gulps. There is a rather, unpleasant aftertaste, but not that bad. It took me close to two hours to drink the entire glass. The purpose of this is to ensure none of the blue juice makes it to your drain, as that would be an indication of leakage. The surgical team, before closing the incisions during surgery, runs a similar test, so the second one is simply for precaution, just to be on the safe side. 

I was told my urine would be blue for the next 24 hours. 

My morning breakfast consisted of a hot cup of chamomile tea, which I absolutely hated, but the nurse insisted I needed to drink the tea to help me with any inflammation and to pass gas. I also got a glass of Gatorade and apple juice. This is when Dr. David Beltran, one of the surgeons assisting Dr. Wilhelmy stopped by to check on me and let me know that I needed to make an effort and drink at least two out of the three drinks they would be bringing me throughout the day. 

So far, I drank half cup of chamomile tea, two glasses of Gatorade, and am half-way through my apple juice. They have told me I need to drink in order, not only, to stay hydrated, but to ensure I understand my level of full, on liquids. They want to make sure when you leave, here, you know how much your stomach can take on liquids. 

Today was also shower day, which was refreshing! I washed all my incisions and made sure not to wet the drainage too much. My sister helped me shower, comb my hair, and put on my pajamas. I brought a pant PJs to stay warm a few days before coming down. My sister also took the surgical dressings off my calves, which felt so good! 

We went for some long walks inside the hospital. I accompanied my sister to the hospital cafeteria three times when she picked up lunch, a snack, and a drink. I'm most certain she will make me go with her when it is dinner time, just so I keep walking. 

The nurses have agreed that I don't need to drink my chamomile tea once I pass gas. I'm so glad I will not need to drink that for dinner! :) :) :) 

I’m still using the Incentive Spiro Meter. My goal is to consecutively lift all three balls by end of day. I've done it a few times, already, but not consistently, because my stomach drain hurts when I do it. But, my sister keeps pushing me to do them, and whenever I lift them all, she cheers! lol 

Now, I'm going to take a nap. It has been a busy day, so far, and tonight, I'll be drinking more clear liquids and resting for Day 4. Wow, today, time has really gone by quickly. 

I wanted to leave this for my review of the staff and hospital, but I'm really glad I picked Mexicali Bariatric Center to have my surgery. They are absolutely wonderful! The staff, the doctors, the nurses, everyone is so attentive and caring. I’ll write more about my overall experience on Day 6. 

Until Day 4, everyone! 


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