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Jan 14, 2013

Yesterday was my first day of therapy for eating disorders.  The first couple of sessions are just intake, where the therapist will ask me a ton of questions to assess what my issues might be and where they came from.  This of course led to extensive talks about my sexual abuse.    It's not to fun to re-live it all.  I saw a therapist almost 10 years ago to conquer those demons, and for the most part, my therapist then, did an excellent job of helping me to become a stronger and more confident person.  That therapist told me she didn't specialize in eating disorders and wasn't sure how to help me in that department.  What she did do, was give me the confidence to start making some better decisions in my life.  One of which, was pursuing WLS. 

The earlier therapy coupled with losing a lot of my excess weight after WLS, really helped me to grow and to attain a much happier and satisfying life.  I will be forever grateful.

I battle with my food addictions ever single day.  So, I am excited about this new round of therapy, and hopeful this therapist will help me to finally have a normal relationship with food.  I am sure that I used food and my own fat as a comfort and a shield from an early age.  It's time to learn new ways to cope with everyday anxieties and stresses. 

I am moderately content with my current size, but I sincerely do want to AT LEAST lose another 20 pounds, and I for sure, want to shed my addiction to food. 

I stayed on the 4 Hour Body eating plan last week, as my sweetheart really wants to do this.  It wasn't too bad.  Our cheat day was Saturday, and we got a late start.  So, like any reasonable person would do (insert sarcasm) we extended our cheat day through Sunday, in order to get in all of our planned cheats.  LOL  It came in handy, as our water pipes froze and we were busy trying to get running water again, until 10pm.  It sucked!! 

My weight didn't suffer too badly.  I had gotten down to 179.8 on Friday, and today it was 180.6.  I am hoping by Friday, I will be down to 178 or below.  Then, another glorious cheat day.  kiss  Ha ha ha

I need to incorporate exercise back in to my plan.  Just been very lazy.  This cold weather leaves me wanting to do NOTHING.  UGH.  Hope everyone else is keeping warm. 


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