Mar 06, 2012

Well it is over, my 2 interviews. I have only heard the 1st one. It sounded better than I thought it would. I was such a bundle of nerves!!!  While doing the live interview on the radio I really thought that i was going to be sick. Could you imagine that, live radio and me puking, lol! That would have sucked. I wonder how they would have reacted.  I can't believe that I was able to tell my story or at least parts of it. It was exciting. When I first got my referral I wasn't sure if I wanted people to know. I guess there is no going back now. In a couple of months I am going to be doing a follow up with Gosia. For months I have been looking for a motivator to keep on the diet and loose more weight. I know that it doesn't seem long but I have ate well for the last 4 days. I stocked my fridge with fruits and veggies, I didn't buy granola bars and have scaled back my portions. I have also starting eating salad again. Mixed greens with raspberry dressing. I am going to start making my own dressings to further reduce my caloric intake. I am bound and determined to be lighter when I do that follow up interview. If she asks how much more weight I have lost I don't want to say that I have been successfully maintaining, I want to be able to say at least 15lbs.

I know people are assholes but I can't beleive how ignorant people are with

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