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Hi everyone,

*I'm fairly self aware so please only respond if you feel you have something constructive to add, I don't need a telling off I do that enough to myself*

I had VSG after an enormous weight gain caused by medication/chronic p

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There isn't an average loss rate, every body is different and as long...

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Hi there

Has anyone experienced sudden aging of their face after the surgery?

I've always had youthful skin and was often told I looked 10 years younger than I really was (I'm 38). I put this down to genetics and the fullness in my fac

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Hi all

I've recently been struck with the flu & bronchitis as well as having a change in medication and suddenly I find myself craving chocolate, biscuits and comfort food. I'm doing my best to watch my sugar intake but with no opportunity or m

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This is great advice and very useful. Is there a way to save it to a...

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Hi Jamie Welcome! The lead up to surgery is a challenging time...

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Hi Lisa Sorry to hear you are going thru a low patch. I'm unable to...

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Hi All,

I've just had a light bulb moment that I had slipped into old emotional eating patterns. We often do this unconsciously & maybe I've done it in the past post surgery but this was the one time I went woah nelly! & realised what was happe

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Hi everyone,

I was sleeved Oct 2016 and while I experienced GERD for the first few months I managed to get it under control and all was well. I take several medications for a chronic pain disorder but all ok'd with my surgeon.

On Feb 2

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Awesome to hear the progress you are making! Keep it up and...

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Hi there, I totally understand how you are feeling, it was similar for...

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Interesting read, thanks for posting. As far as I'm concerned WLS...

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One of my biggest embarrassments to do with my weight gain was the day I realised I could no longer wear my wedding rings, my fingers were just too fat. I was so proud to wear them as a symbol of my marriage and they obviously mean a lot to me.

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Not long now wishing you all the best for your WLS and journey ahead :)

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Hi everyone 

I have done plenty of research and checked the site and I'm pretty confident I'm suffering from Gerd. I never experienced this before the surgery.

I'm nearly 4 weeks post op VSG and I haven't been able to sleep without a tr

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Hi everyone 

I just discovered that you have to enable your food diary to be seen by others. Sharing food diaries is so helpful so I thought I would share in case people don't know about it.

Under Settings / Diary Settings / Diary Shari

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Hi there Best wishes for your upcoming surgery! It's by no means the easy option, but you are heading towards good health and good times if you stick to the program and give it everything. You got this!

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Hi Alan Not long now until your surgery - an exciting and nervous time no doubt. Wanted to wish you all the best and keep moving forward you deserve a healthy life ahead :-)

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Congrats! There really isn't a "normal" after surgery everyone is...

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Hey Joshua, You are so close now to your surgery date whoop! Whoop! I can see from your entries you have been working hard and educating yourself in the lead up. Good for you. It's gonna be a challenge (not gonna lie) but each day truly gets easier and if you stick to the program you are gonna ace this. Best wishes!

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Yeeessssss! Not long now until your surgery, how are you going with your pre op diet? Remember the OH community are here for you if you need support anytime. Onwards to a healthier you!!!

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Wishing you a safe and successful surgery (it really is the easy bit!) and a healthy life ahead!

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Best of luck with your upcoming surgery! Not gonna lie it takes discipline and time to get your head around the "new you" but it will be SO worth it :-)

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Woohoooo not long now until your surgery date! Hope you are easing your way thru the pre op diet and best of luck for a successful surgery. You got this!

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Hi all

I had VSG 3 weeks ago and today at the park with my dogs my partner handed me the ball thrower to hold on to. On autopilot I used it and threw the ball with my right hand. Immediately after I got a stabbing pain in my left side about an

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