Happy Friday!

Aug 11, 2017

Hi - it's me MJ!  I am doing well!  This is the close of my official 2nd week of work. I only get 8 weeks off so I am going to make the best of them!!  

I had a lovely visit from a good friend yesterday. She was here for quite a while.  I was very tired. I am finding that I am getting more tired these days.  I get up really early, and putz around I will start taking a little nap after my Pshake at 10:00 am and see if that helps.  I slept really well last night and "slept in" until 6:20 am.  

My food has lost it's magic.  I gagged on my last bite of unsweetened applesause.  I am now going to have to eat to live rather than live to eat.  I have a whole other week of the liquid diet.  I think I am going to die..... I laugh and try to be positive but it really does suck....

I measured my waist in an attempt to stay away from the scale.  (so hard for me)  I think I have already lost 3 inches of my waist!  Cool.  

I am Blessed.  I need to just relax and stop obsessing.  Do you feel that you are trying to move too fast?  Do you have something that you obsess over.  

I am going to get a pedicure at 10:30 today that should perk me up.  I am thinking that I would just like to stay on the sofa and watch a few movies this afternoon.  I want to slow down....

Thank you so much for hanging out with me - I hope you have an even BETTER day!


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