Before and After picture (2 years post RNY)

Nov 13, 2012

Ok! kiss I just figured out how to post a picture on my blog. I wrote a little bit about my journey these past two years in my last blog. This is just the picture I was unable to post at the time.



2 Years post RNY

Nov 08, 2012

About 2 1/2  years ago I made a the life changing decision to get healthy and make myself a priority. Two years ago today I had RNY and I haven't regretted it for a second. Looking back my physical, emotional and spiritual journey has been an amazing one. I feel so much better physically. Little things that I can do now still amaze me on occasion like tying my shoes without having to hold my breath and taking the stares without my knees hurting. Emotionally I'm stronger and more self confident. Through this process I've learned that I matter and that its ok to make myself a priority. Spiritually it seems like a weight has been lifted. Because of my confidence I've had a more open mind and taken advantage of new experiences that I wouldn't have before. In taking better care of myself I've taught my son how to eat more healthy and in learning how to better communicate my husband and I are stronger than ever. I'm LIVING my life and LOVING it! I can't figure out how to attach a picture so I've uploaded a before and after on my profile. Total LBs lost 143



Roughing it. (1yr 8mo post op w/pic)

Jul 10, 2012

    I just went camping for the first time since I had my RnY. Ive done physical things since and did just fine but it still amazes me what I'm physically capable of now that the weight is off. I went real camping in Yosemite. What I mean by real camping is no running water, no electricity and I had to hike 3 1/2 miles on rough terrain to get to the camp site. Because its was rural camping, anything you want to have with you you have to carry in. I had such a great time and cant wait to do it again. I couldn't believe that after the hike and after setting up camp I still had energy to spare. I'm living life and loving it.

1 1/2 years post op w/ pic

May 11, 2012

A year and a half! Man does time fly!  I'm doing great and feel awesome.  Ive finally made it to my goal weight of 145 which brings me to a total of 142 pounds lost.  That's just shy of half of myself!  I have to admit that it didn't really hit me until my 17 year old son told me that that's what he weighs.  That blew my mind.  I cant believe I was carrying that much extra weight around with me.  Any way, I have included a Before and After pic.  Thank you for taking the time to peek at my blog. (Not sure why the pictures are so small you can see them full sized in my photo album)



11 months post-op w/pic - life is gooood!

Oct 02, 2011

   Ok I'm a week away from being 11 months post op but I found a few minutes to jot a few words down now so I'm going to take advantage of it.  Wow, what a change its been for me physically and emotionally.  Physically Ive never been better, emotionally Ive had my ups and downs.  Who would have thought being thinner than you have ever been in your life would make you more self conscious?  I am however feeling great and my self esteem is finally getting back on track.  Learning how to carry myself and dress this new body has been a fun challenge.  A challenge I am totally up for.  Ive never had so much energy.  Ive finally allowed myself to start investing in cloths now that I'm only about 5 pounds away from my goal.  As of today, Ive lost a total of 122 pounds.  I have included a before and after pic so you can see what a transformation Ive been through.  Im looking awesome and feeling spectacular.  Life is good.

Before: My wedding 10/24/09

Now: Taken 10/1/11
I'm on my way to the Nor Cal Renaissance Faire

Before and 7-8 months post RNY pic.

Jun 21, 2011

Drum roll please.............
Before 6/9/09

and now (6-21-11) about 112 pounds gone forever.

I have a body shot but for some reason it wont download.


7 months post op (almost 8)

Jun 20, 2011

   Well, I haven't been on here in almost 3 months.  Life is good.  I'm 7 almost 8 months post RNY and doing wonderful!  I'm about 5-7 pounds to my goal weight of 150 bringing my total weight loss to 112 pounds so far!  I am wearing jeans (size 8)  that are smaller in size than my shoes (size 9 1/2)!  I never thought that would happen, talk about an "WOW" moment.  This whole thing has been such a blessing.  Id do it over and over again in a heart beat.  Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been without its trials and tribulations but its been worth every one.  I still really struggle with anemia, I cant seem to get my iron levels up. It may be time to ask for Rx iron.  As far as emotional bumps in the road I hadn't had any until about 2 months ago when I had my 6 month check up.  I was feeling really good about myself, very pleased with my progress and ready to start maintaining instead of keep loosing.  Well, when I talked to my surgeon he said that I could expect to loose 15-25 pounds more before I started to level out.  Who the heck would have thought that would bother me?!  I went home kind of upset.  Then I was upset that I was upset lol.  Ok, here was my thinking.  Ive spent my whole life convincing myself that I didn't want to be skinny, that skinny wasn't attractive or healthy so I could be happy with my plus size frame.  Now all of a sudden I find myself thin.  I'm wearing cloths out of the junior section of department stores!  It took me a bit to get back into the right head space and gain my confidence back.  Yes I'm thin, yes I'm healthy and yes I'm gorgeous :). Life is good.

PS I tried to add a picture but my work computer is acting up. Ill add one later :)


5 months post RNY

Apr 11, 2011

 I cant believe its already been 5 months (4/8/11).  What a ride.  I seems like yesterday I was trying to get approved for surgery.  I'm not sure how much Ive lost in total but I know its around 100lbs including what I managed to take off before surgery.  My 6th month check up with my surgeon is coming up and I'm not going to weigh myself until then.  Id like my loss to be surprise.  In the mean time, I feel amazing.  I have more energy now and have more fun doing things.  I'm not worried about how my cloths fit or whether people will notice how fat I am before they get to know me.  I feel so much better about myself.  As far as body issues, I'm still me.  I seem to have traded in some old concerns with some new ones but that's ok.  I don't mind being naked for the first time in my life (the hubby loves this) even with some loose skin (its not tooooo bad).  My hair is still thinning a bit but its slowed down a lot.  I got a new haircut and now you cant tell my hair has thinned at all.  Ill be posting pictures soon, I just haven't gotten around to taking them.  I look forward to comparing them to my before photos.  Life is good.

18 pounds to goal.

Mar 22, 2011

 I just weighed myself and plugged it into my health tracker.  When the nimber was done loading and I could see the graph I realized I'm only 18lbs away from my goal weight of 150.  (Happy cry)  I'm kind of at a loss for words.  I think its just now hitting me how much weight Ive lost and how far Ive come in my relationship with food.  For the first time in my life I know I will hit my goal and not fall short.  I'm so proud of myself.  WLS is the best thing Ive ever done for myself.  I'm off my BP meds, my joints don't hurt and I don't have any back problems any more.  Its a charmed life I lead.  Life is good.

Holey Moley Medium! W/ pic

Mar 15, 2011

 Ok, so I'm a little over 4 months post RNY and doing great.  Most of my cloths are so big on me its time to get some more.  I'm tired of looking dumpy at work so I finally gave in and spent some money on a few new pairs of scrubs.  I grabbed some XL's and they were to big so I went back and grabbed some Larges and I couldn't believe my eyes... they were to big so I had to go back and get some MEDIUMS!!!!!  I don't remember the last time I wore mediums.  I think it was like the 6th grade!  Definitely pre-puberty.  The last time I bought scrubs I wore 2X/3X!  I'm just a little stunned and wanted to share my excitement.  I'm in medium pants and medium shirts!  Holey moley medium. Lol.  Life is good!
 <-- Medium scrubs 3/16/11

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