May 13, 2009

and that's just fine
yep finally got down to overweight status. hit 169 this a.m. and that makes my bmi 29.9 down from 46.4 (extremely obese). it also means the scale has decided to move out of the 170's. i have been stuck at 171-173 since March 18, very frustrating up down up down. I'm hoping when the gb issue gets fixed I can eat better and my weight will start going down. 
so my pain saga continues, the latest update is I went on Monday for a Hida Scan of my liver/gallbladder to see if they are functioning whacky and that is what is causing my continuing pain.  so Dr. O'B emailed me yesterday and said there does seem to be a problem with my gb. she's referring it back to my original surgeon Dr. Chu. I just emailed her to light a fire under her to see what is the problem and what can we do to fix it cause I now feel more uncomfortable cause I think the chemicals that contracted my gb made it worse!  my back hurts big time now.
anyway, now it's a hurry up and wait. knowing the Kaiser system I will probably be in pain for a couple of more months until they schedule me for surgery, if that is what they decide to do.
we shall see!