May 14, 2009

So the gallbladder has got to go. Finally answers to my pain, I just say get it out. sucks that another surgery within 10 mos. but I can't stay like this.
Dr. emailed me today and  told me normal gb function is 35-75%, mine is at 14%. last year when I had the HIDA Scan done it was at 65% which was normal. so dropped down pretty quick. so preop tomorrow and surgery is on Wednesday 5/20, NEXT WEEK! lord that's quick. but I'm gonna do it cause who knows when next date is available. I don't want to be in pain all the time. I have to be in a wedding on the 30th but I expect I should be able to move around by then. I pretty much was mobile 10 days after gastric bypass, so I should be okay.

so here we go back to the OR!