MAY 17 - 3 days til it's out!

May 17, 2009

So I had my pre-op on Friday, dr. talked to me, explained what was happening with my gallbladder. no explanation as to why my gallbladder went downhill so quickly. 1 year ago my gb was ejecting bile at 65% which is normal, now it's ejecting at %14. not good. pretty much not doing anything but swelling and causing me pain. so out it comes. surgery is Wednesday at 2:00 pm. I have to check in at noon and if all goes well I should be home around 7pm or so.  she's gonna do some other type of test while she's in there, she's gonna check the ducts that will remain after she removes my gb to make sure there are no grains hiding in the ducts that could continue to cause me pain even after the gb is out.  I will be off work until June 1, so I'll only miss 7 days work since the 25th is a holiday. i was going to take the 29th off anyway cause it's the day before the wedding and I need to go take care of my beautification or at least try. i still need that strapless bra and I'm stressing about it.  the kids are oblivious about the surgery, I guess when you don't spend the night it doesn't seem major. melina wanted to take me at 6 (when we thought surgery was early) and leave me there and go to dentist and run errands. that really hurt my feelings cause I don't want to be in surgery and not have someone there, especially when I wake up. now I have to be there at 12, so no clue if anyone has time to take me. and pick me up. joel asked me if I wanted him here for surgery but I told him no cause he needs to get himself together over there. melina has been in her own world with her friends and now new bf and is never home. so josh is pretty much alone here now and he's bored and lonely I hope it doesn't lead to him having problems again. anyway i'll be home for a few days after the surgery.
so i'll check in probably thursday, the day after surgery! see ya!