MAY 23 - 10 MOS POST OP - 94 lbs.

May 24, 2009

So yesterday was my 10 mos. surgiversary.NO PIC this month, swollen from gb surgery. total for pre and post op is -94 lbs. post op is 60 lbs. still going slow but this last month I lost 5 lbs. but it took 3 months to lose 10 lbs. boy that just is going so slow. So I had my gallbladder yanked out on Wednesday 5/20. that morning I weighed myself and I was 168 WOOHOO, I weighed again the next day, day after surgery and of course I was up to 171 +3 lbs. but I knew that could happen because of the iv fluids. so I wasn't concerned. Yesterday I weighed again and it was gone, I was back to 168 I am so happy that is the firm number for now.  That's what I'm keeping! so my pain level is way better together, actually got to cough today! if you've ever had abdominal surgery you know exactly what I mean, you don't cough for days LOL you just kind of sorta try to but can't so you choke LOL but today pain practically gone so I was able to cough for real aahh relief. so I got 4 new holes around where the wls scars are, so now 10 scars, man! they are from middle of belly running to right side. one big one right in the middle in the top which is bruised pretty ugly and painful but way better today on day 4 post op. so gloomy weather Sunday, quiet house. ttyl

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