ObesityHelp 2013 Fashion Show

Nov 06, 2013

Have you ever been to an ObesityHelp Conference Fashion Show? The Fashion Show is an experience of a lifetime. Members share their transformation, style and success on the runway. Cheered on by fellow members in the audience, the room is filled with energy, excitement and inspiration!

Check out an album full of Fashion Show Photos! If you're in one of the photos, we'd love it if you would help us by tagging yourself. Also, if you have photos that you'd like to share from that night, please tag them with OH2013 - we'd LOVE to see them.

Each fashion show model shared one of their favorite Non-Scale Victories (NSV), here are a few.  Make sure to check the Fashion Show Photos so you can see all of the amazing NSVs!   

  About 8 months after my surgery I was at the airport to pick up my son.He walked right past me and asked his dad where I was? He did not recognize his own mother! - Ann

  I will never forget the 1st time I got into my vehicle and not only did my stomach not graze the wheel, but I had to move it up from where my husband last drove. - Candy

 I can fly on an airplane without purchasing two tickets!!!  And I no longer care if I get a middle seat. - Kevin

 I became a certified hip hop dance instructor and now teach kids the importance of exercising, having fun, getting fit  & STRONG! - Robanne

 Morbidly obese at 460 lbs, I had begun to lose the sense of who I was and began to place limitations on who I could be.  One year later, at 200+ lbs smaller, the greatest victory is that there is less of me, but I am more myself. - Sarah S.


A huge thank you to Big Train - Fit Frappé for sponsoring the Fashion Show! Not only did they sponsor the Fashion show, they also handed out FREE mini frothers, mini DaVinci syrups, and at their exhibit table they had an AMAZING blending station where they served Fit Frappé, a protein-boosting gourmet beverage. Much to OH attendees delight, they even took custom Fit Frappe orders!  

Check out some of the Twitter love! You can follow Big Train to keep up with Fit Frappé news and recipes! 

For those of you that didn't make it to the Conference, you can make your own Blended Chai at home!


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