Had a WOW kinda of day!

Jun 16, 2010

I think I am still in shock.

I had my pre-op appointment today. Went thru my pre-op tests and registration. Had labwork, EKG, chest X-ray and went over what to do the day of surgery and 24 hrs before. Got this little breathing machine contraption I have to practice breathing in prior to surgery. Got some soap I have to shower with the night before surgery and the morning of surgery. And that was it, it all only took an hour. So I headed over to my surgeons office for my pre-op meeting with him. They went over the diet after surgery, talked about my pills/medicines, restrictions, follow up appts etc. Then I met with Dr. Ferrari. I felt bad I didn't have a ton of questions for him only about my gallbladder and pills. I told him forgive me I am nervous and couldn't think of anything! He is going to take my gallbladder since I have had issues with it for years so that was a relief, told me congrats on my new life and will see me Friday morning. I was on my way home by 11am. 2 hours wasn't bad at all for doctor appointments!

I started driving home, called my husband to fill him in on everything then there was a call, it was my surgeon's office. Told my husband to hold on I needed to answer it. Instantly I thought bad news, one of my tests came back bad or an issue. Luly says to me, do you think we could re-schedule your surgery for tomorrow morning instead of Friday? I was like ummm huh? LOL She didn't really give a good reason as to why just said Dr. Ferrari's team of doctor's is there on Fridays and he would prefer tomorrow. I said I personally have no problems but let me check with work and other things. 101 things started going thru my mind holy crap no way this is really happening tomorrow! I first had to check with work to make sure I could go out a day early, they had no problems with it. I had to run out there to have my supervisor sign some paperwork and talked to the guys a bit and left. I had to call disability benefits to let them know my date had changed. Called HR to let them know but she wasn't in the office so I left her a message. Called the hospital to make sure I could just make my co-pay payment on Friday even though I am having surgery tomorrow and they were cool with it. Awwww talk about putting a person in shock!

I spent the day getting everything in order. I got my bag backed. Took my measurements and before pictures. Had a really WOW you so need this surgery moment. I was disgusted by the pictures. I looked at my husband and just said how could you be with this? He shook his head at me and said Sarah stop it. I got my jello and pudding made and have all my other "liquid" diet stuff I can have the first two weeks. Made a ton of calls to let everyone know my date had changed. My poor mom started to cry when I told her I loved her at the end of our call. We always say I love you every time we talk but knowing her oldest is having surgery and she can't be here she is just worried, she knows everything will be fine but worries. That is a mother's job. I have been drinking water all day, I did cheat a bit and have a little bit of Diet Coke. Had my last "meal" around 6pm. Just warmed up some noodles with sauce, barely could eat, my stomach is in knots. Now I am chugging as much water as I can because as of midnight I can't have anything else. I think I have everything packed I need and took care of everything. My mind is going so many ways I can't think right now!

We have to be at the hospital by 7am, surgery is at 9am. June 17th!!!!!!!!!!!! The first day of the rest of my "new" life. I have been looking forward to this for so long I can't believe it's really happening. I will be in the hospital probably till Saturday. I won't have internet access, I don't have a laptop so I will post a blog hopefully Saturday if I am feeling up to it to tell everyone my progress and what has all happened the last few days. I look forward to being on the "losers" bench! Now let me go take my shower with that lovely soap and attempt to get some sleep!

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