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Oct 10, 2017

My Dr tried to appeal my insurance denial for revision. Insurance said I wasn't going to my post-op visit to qualify for revision. Its been 14 years since my original RNY 9/03. And 3 years since Overstitch which I had 2/14 and stop going to post-op appt in 1/15. The best my Dr could do is a 6 months supervisied diet starting Oct 24. And he also told me there was still no guarantee BCBS would approve me. They originally wanted me on a 1 year supervised diet which my Dr said was insane. I going to ask dietitian for phentermine to help during this time. I also have appointment to plastic surgery to get ideal how much I need to weight to have tummy tuck but I'm debating with myself not to go yet and the other side of me say it will give you idea what you need to weight for a future tummy tuck. My appt is Oct 17 so I still have time to think it over.


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