Kelli Miller-Freeman

Naes Wls J. 14 years, 8 months ago

<b>I SAID A PRAYER FOR YOU TODAY~*~ I said a prayer for you today And know God must have heard- I felt the answer in my heart Although He spoke no word I didn't ask for wealth or fame, I knew you wouldn't mind, I asked Him to send treasures Of a far more lasting kind, I asked that He'd be near you At the start of each new day, To grant you health and blessings And friends to share your way. I asked for happiness for you In all things great and small, But it was for His loving care I prayed the most of all.</b>

Naes Wls J. 15 years ago

Hi there Kelli, Best wishes to you on your wl journey. You are doing very good on your wt loss. WOW! keep it up. Hang in there and remember everyday is a blessing. Hugs

Wendy G. 15 years, 1 month ago

Hi Kelli; I tried to email you regarding your profile, but it came back mailbox full. Please contact me. Wendy Gutshall [email protected]

MommaAngel 15 years, 2 months ago

HI KELLI Can I say (((((((WOW)))))) That is a awesome weight loss. You should be very proud of yourself. Keep up great job your doing.LORD BLESS

Kelli Miller-Freeman 15 years, 2 months ago

WOW!!! I met that next goal pretty darn fast...(smile) I weighted 64 and a half pouds lighter today. That is 1 and a half pounds away from my second goal.. I feel great and actually even though I am still a heavy weight I feel so small. I can see the diffrence in my clothes and an trying not to get a big head. People are now talking to me and not at me. someone even noticed my freckles this week. one of the x-ray guys even made men tion that My prettyness was starting to come through..(what did that mean?) anyway I just wanted to share and I have decided that my next goal is 266 ah imagine that. Happy Valentines day

Kelli Miller-Freeman 15 years, 2 months ago

Hi all This week has been soo busy. I went to support group last monday and I finnally feel like ifit in somewhere. My aunt goes with me now she was my biggest foe. She is now waiting for her approval. That alone is worht shouting about. I have decided to have my belly button repericed when I hit 66 lbs. I found that I am adjusting very nicly through all the changes. (Although I wish i were losing faster) I am satisfied that I have lost nearly 60 lbs in a little over 2 months. People keep asking me what my goal is and I keep saying already met it. I had the surgery. I have set several small goals though. 1- lose 50 lbs,2 get to 300 lbs and who knows what's next.(smile) I am 10 lbs away from the second goal. whew hew. I am adding a picture today but I will keep you posted.

Kelli Miller-Freeman 15 years, 3 months ago

Hi all, I have made my first goal, whew hew 50 pounds today is my 2 month aniversary. I feel better I feel happier and I think I made the best choice. next goal is 300 that isn't to far away only 16 lbs. I am working out and lifting weights. Oh yeah you say what about the plataeu .. well I tried all sugestions , It helped to know that I wasn't alone and it broke all by itself I ate more I drank more and I stared exercising. God Bless all the people who donate their clothes . I was blessed with coat any non too soon either. I am still learning what I can and can't eat but no complaints. I think the idea of the small spoon is great can't over stuff your mouth that way.Having to avoid white rice and bread(too heavy) fill me up too fast. starting to actually look forward to Disney this year.

Kelli Miller-Freeman 15 years, 3 months ago

I will get better at posting, I am at a plateau and it's about killing me.(funny hunh) Well I have covered every emotion I can think of. I went for my 1 mont check up yesterday and doc Phil said not to worry, I am in tact(smile) actully I was pretty sure that I wasn't working, Tahnk god for this website. I discovered once again that I am like everyone else. I think I spent so much time getting ready for the surgery that I didn't think about these things. I feel reasured and will go with the flow. Nurse Judy said not to dwell on it it would pass and considering what I had to go through to get here this is nothing. I am now focusing on work out clothes need them bad I am so proud of my 36-40lbs that I want to work out in real workout clothes. I know I can use a tee and sweats, but I wore these thing so much that I want the motivation of looking like a hotty(direct qoute from Doc)I also have found that I can eat a lot more this week(maybe 4 oz) as aposed to my 2 oz. maybe this is the sign I needed to break my 3 week platuea.

Kelli Miller-Freeman 15 years, 4 months ago

Well I have truely befome a loser, I am so happy I could spit(spitoee!!!)I am just about 4 weeks post op I have lost nearly 40 pounds and I am felling pretty good. I have a lot of issues with the food though. I am hungry I can't, eat all day and evrything smeels soooo good, then it turns your stomach. I have searched this site to determine where I fit in the scheme of things and I guess I'm doing pretty well. Infind the nutritional infor the most valuable now, things that didn't occur to me like carbs making you hungry,and the diffrences in the Dr. requirements. (liquid for six weeks) but it isn't a true liquid it's more like extra soft (yougert is not a liquid and neither is oatmeal) oh well it's been fun trying all the new things/ Nothing has made me ill (just the smells) or nausated. I went back to work after the first week (reduced hours) and I beleive i could exercise(wow did that come out of me?) hAPPY hOLIDAYS

Kelli Miller-Freeman 15 years, 4 months ago

i am now 2 weeks post op and I have lost 32 lbs wqow I am back at work and no nausea, But the smells are killing me. I smell everything and I mean everything. I think this is the hardest part.
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