It is one way or another???

Jan 09, 2018

Either I get the revisition or I continue to lose a grip on this weight. I don't know how. I am eating less candy bars, and soda intake is almost down to nothing. But I do know that I have to get a better hold on this even if and or when I get the revisition surgery.



update just saw my surgion and I will be getting my bottom stoma stiched up. So I will not be feeling a restriction. This procedure is an in and an out. They go down through the mouth, in and out. Yes, I am ready for some help to eat less again.


Thank you God. You know the need for this.


It is just so overwelming

Dec 20, 2017

Things haven't been normal around here. So SOON when I addapt to the new ways, Maybe, no wait no maybes about it, let me say they WILL start to turn around for me. I must move to lose. I have been doing more then I thought I was physically able do, pushing self past confurt place, and found I can do more getting out and about moving. So no more of ALWAYS relying on other to hel e and to do for me. With FIBRO it is a difficult thing to manage and try to figure out just how it is best to do things out with out being down and out for much more time then one spends doing what was needed to get done. So I have been trying to do that, do believe I have ended u on the more lazy side of it. No more, am and wil do what I can to regain that portion of my life back.


SO dissapointed

Nov 28, 2017

It seems no matter how I work to get the weight off. The addiction to food is just extremely hard to over come. I don't know if I am going to be able to break free of it with a husband whom I am seperated from, but still friends, and a mother whom eats and suggests yummys to me forever. God why do they do this? 

Tomorrow I see my dietition (misspelled) most likely. I am sure she is going to flip over backwards when she sees I have gained and not lost. Well must face the music, and perhaps it will kick start me into the right path again.


Time to lose.

Nov 18, 2017

This last photo is where I was to be again. It tood me awhile to get there, but it didn't take me long to get where I am now, which is still the size I was at me small tiny wedding, that dress was just horrable. I was and am too large for having gone through so much to get to and stay at a healthy weight. This will be my thrid time losing after the RNY, I am perhaps getting a revision if I qualify again, and when ever it happens. I have been trying and working for months and I am losing then some how it finds it way right back on me again, don't notice much changes, so am going to use an app to make sure I see everything I do and do not put in my body. God I know you are here with me, I can do all things in Christ Jesus.

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Daily struggles looking perhaps better

Oct 13, 2017

  • Things are looking like they are going to be looking ALLOT better.
  • Husband whom has taken over the kitchen and has done most all the cooking is MOVING OUT INTO HIS OWN APARTMENT,
  • Now I will be, and caregiver ( who had WLS 3 yrs ago ) will be aiding and assisting me into propper meals.
  • ones I know what is in them, unlike the husbane ( soon ex)  and other care giver. So  this is indeed a brand new journey, one I haven't been on for quite some time now. 
  • God I have faith in you that you ones  you are taking from my life and replacing with other, it is for a grander perpose, I may not see it right away or see much of it at all, but I know Almighty, your will be done, not mine. I must alway remember to place you first, I repent  aske you for forgiveness. In the mighty name of Jesus, thank you for this day, AMEN

Daily life struggles causing set backs.

Aug 28, 2017

 I in the struggle of getting a divorce from a man whom I DID NOT say my vows to, just less then 3 years ago. I don't like the idea of divorce and so badly wanted to remain married and never divorce, but I don't love him, after all that has gone on and not gone on in this marriage I just feel we are continueing to wound each other as we remain in this marriage and together. He thinks we are going to do a short trial seperation, therapy/counseling and then do everything we can do to get back together. But I can't live with him, I can't stay where I am not in love. I am not satisfied. All the foundations of this marriage doesn't exist, or has crumble shortly after saying I do. Mr Husband is Mr. someone I didn't and wouldn't had married if he hadn't hid this part of himself away from me.

With all this going on, it is extremely hard to even think about reaching ANY WEIGHT GOALS. So I am just going to make attenpts to make fitness goals, get healthier then once he is GONE, AWAY, OUT OF MY LIFE, I can then go back to being less stressed and more able to eat the way this surgery and my genics intends for me to eat. Thanks for reading my vent.

Everyone, have a great successful day. If there be set backs, know tomorrow will always bring a new day for new beginnings. God bless. IF you pray, pls say one for me that the husband gets a place and soon.


Well good night here in Western Washington state.

Some older to newer photos. This one of me in the pink is abt the largest I got after the surgery. then the red I am starting to lose down to the lowest, and then the last one is pretty much me now after the regain of being down to my lowest. God is good. IF He has seen me through all this, he can see me through more. My power comes from HIM above.



Aug 11, 2017

Spoke to the revision Dr and he said that I have 3 months to see how it goes then he will make the choice then. However the surgery is high risk, low results and of course only lasts a year. So at this point I am on my own, Well can't say that fully as I have the wellness plan, to support me, and help see me through this, and with God on my side, I have lost weight many times before, I can lose it (50+lbs) to reach my goal

How ever, living with mother, and husband for temp time until he gets a home of his own so he's not booted out on the streets, they eat completely different then I do. So I have dig deep inside of me and find the power to fight mostly to prove to my husband I can do this while he is still here. Let me assure you, those few who read this. first of all I AM DOING THIS FOR MYSELF, AND MY HEALTH. God is good. He has seen me through before, and I know He will for sure see me through this once again..


blury due to husband being the one taking them,


My Annie, before my service dog I have now, (Starr) and this was taken back when I was pretty much my smallest and I am SO going to meet this and see this once again. I am looking forward to getting there. No pain no gain.


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Monday, so close, yet answers will wait

Aug 05, 2017

I am seeing my revition dr. put off the surgry for many months and tried to lose it on my own. followed and worked with the dietions and of no changed and no goal nothing happened excepted I have gained a bit of weight, trying to get my husband to move out while I file for divorse. I know, I must not allow myself to eat in such cases, but sadly I did. And So I gained a bit amount of 6lbs.

Monday I see him, he will say yes or no to the surgery, willing yes, as it was all set up to have it when I thought I was doing so good I would see if I could continue, Well now he has to apply to the insurance again, and doing so shouldn't take much time as it has been accepted and approved once before. Thank you Lord for I know it will be aproved once again.. Amen.

Sorry to those who don't think the revisiton is the way to go, but I have to make this for myself, and I know how my life, my weight is a struggle and the effect it is having on me. So it is what it is. It will happen, If all goes as planned such as it did the first time.

God bless you all.


New hope, find out the 17th of Aug.

Jul 21, 2017

I am believing that insurance AGAIN will have no probledff'ms reapproving me for the RNY revision. It will be a great blessing from God about this surgery, so I pray that I see the doc of the 17th, and he will schedule me for the very next week. That will be great, this will keep me from having to wait to lon to it to happen.

Well I must say my good nights, I am making many mistakes. I have to get my beuayty sleep, hahahahah I am much to far from this. There is  to much flaws to catch me up...

Good night and God Bless you all so for being there and taking the same journey.


October, and now in July

Jul 20, 2017

Hello fellow readers, if any?

I was to have the gastric bypass revision back in Oct. but held off to see if I could lose any on my own with out going under the knife, well  I have been UNSUCCESFUL at my attempt, so am on the attempt on my own, so lets see if I get is this time.

Please Pray for me that this time goes just as fast, well faster then last time. So I get this done, recovered, before my B-day in the end if , thank you so very much, friends


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