Home from VSG on Monday

Aug 18, 2010

Hello friends,

I am home from the hospital.  I got home last evening at7ish.  My surgery was the previous morning at about 8am - it lasted about 2.5 hours.

The surgeon said all went well.  We did a sip test and no leaks.

It took the cafeteria at the hospital many hours (over 3) to have a tray of bariatric liquids delievered to my room- which made for a miserable morning.  But I made it ok.  They kept me til 5 to have another tray for dinner.

It was just broth, jello, popsicles and crystal light.

My nurses were great and the program has a Bariatric Coordinator who was like an angel.  The unit's doctor manager was also a good guy.

It was good to sleep last night without being woken up once an hour for vitals....

I am ok - pain in belly (upper area) - how long will this last?  I even have an area on the upper left that is numb (skin only) now. Is this normal?

I am on delauded.  I don't tolerate codeine. Can you tell me how I should feel on the delauded - cause I only don't feel the stomach pain as much - but I don't feel "good" or flying... at all.

I think I am fine- but I don't think I'll be able togo into work for a meeting tomorrow or Friday. I thought I would be able to to...

I am still happy I made this decision - but I am wondering when I'll feel a bit more normal again.  Did you all have this drain thingy ?  The JP?

Take care adn thanks for the answers, if you can and have amoment,