VSG - 5 days post op

Apr 03, 2012

Today is day five.  I feel smaller ironically but I gained 8 pounds in the hospital.

My surgery was described as perfect, I didn't have a drain, didn't need a cath!!  Woohoo!  My surgery was March 29, in the afternoon.  My first night was interesting, getting up out of bed the first time, it felt like someone was slicing me from within... Holy crap!!!!  I walked the floor, but tired quickly and went back to my room.  The next two days my walks increased as did my drinking after being told I wasn't consumming enough.  The worst part in hospital was the upper GI, how I kept the contrast fluid down, I have no clue, we'll just call iit perseverance!  

Then came the gas pains,...... Ugh. I am still suffering from them, 5 days post op

Today, I have hope!  I am hopeful I will see pictures of me one day that I like rather than feeling embarrassment and wanting them torn up!  My spirit has been missing, drowned in a body of fat.  A big part if who I am on the inside is a reflection outside.  I haven't felt good in so darn long!  I cannot wait to open up similar to a butterfl emerging from a cocoon.  This is my second chance... This is about ME!!!   Yay me!!!! 

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