Preop vacation?

Aug 11, 2017

I'm supposed to go to San Francisco at the end of next month with friends. I live in Ohio, and this would literally be a dream vacation to see the west coast. 

But at 428 pounds I don't know if I can make myself do it. I'm afraid of all the walking, the hills, and feeling uncomfortable. 

IThe last time I flew they kindly gave me a RESERVED SEAT ???? sign for the airplane seat next to mine since I'm really big. 

I don't know what I was thinking when I planned this. I didn't want my size to hold me back but now I'm getting so anxious about it. I don't want to let my friends down by not going or by holding them back when we're there. 

I plan on having WLS at the beginning of 2018. I had my first appointment at Fresh Start Bariatric yesterday. 

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