Eating Disorder and Weight Loss Surgery

Sep 10, 2017


I'm kind of in a spot I did not imagine occurring. To clarify, I have not had WLS yet. Currently 430 lbs.

In February '17 I was diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder. I did an 8 week IOP program and continue to see a dietican and therapist at the center. At first I had success... I followed the meal plan, I could feel myself dropping some weight, and felt pretty good about myself.  I found what I learned about myself and BED very valuable, lessons I hope to employ for a lifetime.

In June I had to see my OBGYN for an RX refill for my birth control. Without birth control, I don't have periods. She stated I really needed to focus on getting my weight down, that I was young (32) and should pursue weight loss surgery.

So I began working with OhioHealth in the hopes of getting RNY. I have been contemplating WLS on and off for YEARS.

The past month or two my depression has worsened greatly and I have had a very hard time following the meal plan. I hadn't discussed my desire to get WLS with my dietician or therapist much, but on Thursday I did. They were not supportive of that decision. I'm not sure if it is because they think no one should have WLS, or if it is because I have been having difficulty complying with the dietary plan lately.

I truly believe that my depression and eating are so tightly wound together... I believe in my heart that having WLS and seeing true results will be the motivation I need to quit depending on food for comfort. A few years ago I lost over 100 lbs with diet and exercise alone... Only to regain it back and feel horrible about myself all over again.

I see my therapist again on Monday. I am going to ask if she will support my decision if I can comply with the meal plan up until my surgery. She believes in health at any size, but I feel like I am dying.



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